My prayers, thoughts, hopes & expectations for my nation.


The peace of Kenya is more important than the constitution.
Peace first followed by the constitution and other issues;
Amani kwanza ikifuatiliwa na katiba na mambo mengine.

Without peace we can’t begin to discuss the issues
that affect or govern us.
Without peace there is no Justice.
Justice thrives in a peaceful enviroment.

Peace first, my Kenya, our Kenya;
Amani kwanza, Kenya yangu Kenya yetu.

Above all else let’s maintain peace, love and harmony.
Peace is the major ingredient needed always, whether
a constitution passes or not.

Peace lives through the hard times or bad times &
peace must prevail that we may prevail.
Above all love your neighbour as yourself &
live peaceable with everyone.

Disagreement does not mean war.
Disagree while being at peace with those around you.
We don’t all have to agree to get along.
We can get along anyway.

Diversity is a great gift that can
be used to build not divide.
Diverse opinions- in one people,
one nation, together we stand.

We are different and have one thing in common;
we all want a peaceful Kenya.

I can love you, disagree with you and still live with you,
that doesn’t change my love for you.
Diversity & difference is what makes life
interesting while Love & peace make life livable.

Owe no one nothing, but love.



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