In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God that’s what John in the bible says. We are told that God formed the world by His words and He made man in the bible in Genesis. In the same way He formed the world with His words, He can form your world by His word. It is everlasting, ever powerful when applied and it is sharper than a two edged sword that cuts the bone and the marrow. His word is the one thing that never changes & the one thing that He guarantees to perform when spoken. He is the God who is the beginning and the the end, yet He has no end nor does He have a beginning and He does not live in the confines of time, He is infinite.

Amazing God He is and it is only in Him we can live and be fully fulfilled even in this world that is not perfect as He would have wanted but He was gracious to have a plan that would redeem us in the end. Truly God is the Master planner and gracious Lover of us all.

As the year begins let us begin with Him as our Master planner and gracious Lover who will be with us throughout this next season and get ready to be amazed at the journey that He will take us through.

As a Master planner He thinks ahead and goes before, preparing the way I will go even before I get there. I just have to trust Him, obey Him, believe in Him and follow His lead.

I know He will lead & guide me to what is good for me and He will direct my paths and make what is crooked straight; with Him I will always have a new start everyday not just every year, for His mercies are new every morning & He is faithful even when I’m not; not that I want to be unfaithful, but when I am I know He is gracious and loving.

Its a new day, a new year, a new season may His word be the compass and the builder of my life & yours.
Have a Happy new year.



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