My prayer for you His excellency Uhuru & honourable Ruto.

May the almighty God be your light to guide you along this journey. May your friendship grow deep and sweet, better than that of Jonathan & David. May you be friends that sharpen each other, loving each other like brothers. May the good Lord surround you with wise counsel and loving friends. Those who will help you in your times of need and will help you bear your load as you take this journey.

Knowing that this is a road that has never been traveled and that the work ahead is great. May there be springs of cool waters, along the way to refresh you and help you relax along this journey. The load is great, but like the Lord has said, lay your burdens on Him and He will give you rest, for His burden is light and yoke is easy. May your eyes be focused on Him, may your path be made wide and the roads made straight.

As you lead may you always remember, that this is about Him and not you. For it’s not by might or by power that you are there, but it is by His Spirit. May you always remember to be humble before Him. With all this, may He use you as His vessels, to bring this Nation together and to guide this continent. We are one nation under God.  In Jesus name I pray & believe Amen.



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